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Michael Karmatz (owner / inventor) realised that we are not using our smartphones to its full potential and that is why he created the Flygrip. The Flygrip allows you to multitask between everyday life and use your smartphone at the same time – Watch video.

The Flygrip has the following unique features:


FLYGRIP’s one hand phone holder gives any smartphone the ability to become even smarter. Just apply FLYGRIP to the back of your phone or phone case and slip two fingers into the secure and comfortable grip. You now have one completely free hand with which to multi-task!

FLYGRIP is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your fingers. The easy spring-loaded top and versatile design allows for a quick and comfortable grip that provides a full range of motion for your thumb to navigate the entire display.

FLYGRIP is engineered to double as a kickstand in both portrait and landscape viewing angles, and its low profile takes up almost no room at all.

Do more with FLYGRIP… all with one hand.

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Professional Surfer – Bethany Hamilton, who is most known for her inspirational story shared in the major motion picture Soul Surfer, endorses the Flygrip as the only comfortable grip that can be used with one hand.
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Flygrip - Bethany SurfboardFlygrip - Bethany Wave

Our smartphone finger grip allows you to accurately and securely use your phone with one hand. This provides you with the ability to do more throughout your day:

  • Read emails while holding your briefcase
  • Great for selfies for Instagram and Vine users
  • Jog on the treadmill while reading the news
  • Push a shopping cart while reviewing your grocery list
  • Send a message while waiting for the subway
  • Eat a sandwich while tweeting about eating
  • Update your Facebook status while walking your dog
  • Video conference while spoon-feeding your child
  • Chat online while painting your toenails
  • Walk & text in the rain while holding an umbrella
  • Hail a cab while making reservations online
  • Relax on the couch while browsing the web
  • and much more…
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We at I-Wear Clothing (Pty) Ltd, share Michael’s view in the ways we use our smartphones and realize that with the FLYGRIP, you can really multitask. We also believe in quality and authenticated unique products, and that is why we became the exclusive distributor of the FLYGRIP  in Sub-Saharan Africa.  We are Michael’s partners in Africa and therefore will only ship in our Territory, Sub-Saharan Africa. WE ONLY SHIP IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA.

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Try the Flygrip today, and you too will realize what you’ve missed all along. You’ll love it!!